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 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program Code of Conduct


The purpose of this policy is to clearly set-out expectations around behaviour from participants of the program, their families as well as our staff. This code of conduct applies to all individuals associated with Program.

Code of Behaviour and Conduct for Participants:

  • Participants agree to be do their best to arrive on time for the commencement of each session

  • Participants cannot bring any non-Kosher food into the Centre. As snacks are provided we encourage participants, and their families, to refrain from bringing snacks or food of any kind into the Centre.

  • Boys must wear a kippah throughout the session and in shule

  • Participants are not to be on their phones / technology during the sessions – unless it is requested or required for some reason as part of the session.

  • Participants are to be behave with respect to each other, to the leader of the Program, to our staff and to any visiting speakers or presenters.

  • Participants take full responsibility for their personal belongings (school bags, clothing, phones). Any forgotten items will be kept at our office for collection during the week or at the next session. South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation does not take any responsibility for lost or damaged personal items.

  • Bullying of any kind – verbal, physical or emotional – will not be tolerated by any person at any time.

  • Should any participant have an issue with another participant they are encouraged to discuss the matter civilly, and with respect, with that person. Should that not be possible the participant must not engage any verbal or physical altercation and must report the issue to the leader of the Program or to a teacher

Code of Behaviour and Conduct for Leaders and Staff:

  • Leaders and Staff are to engage with participants respectfully at all times.

  • Leaders and Staff will ensure that parents are kept informed regarding sessions for the program, upcoming excursions and key dates.

Managing Issues:

For issues concerning two or more participants the following course of action will be followed:

  1. The two (or more) participants are encouraged to work through issues in a respectful manner.
  2. If the two participants cannot resolve the issue the leader, or a staff member, will discuss the matter with each participant and seek a satisfactory resolution.
  3. On the second occasion of a continuing issue the parent(s) of the participant(s) will be notified of the issue, provided with an explanation and will be encouraged to discuss the matter with their child/ren.
  4. In the event of ongoing issues with an individual participant, on the third occasion the issue is evidenced, parents will be called in for a meeting to discuss the matter. The purpose of the meeting will be to assess the situation and mutually agree on a suitable way to progress. If necessary, the viability of ongoing involvement of a participant will be assessed.
  5. Any bullying behaviour will be reported to parents via phone or email at the earliest possible time. Any urgent matters, or in the case of immediate threat or harm, parents will be notified immediately and appropriate course of action undertaken.
  6. Any violent or extreme behaviour will result in the participant being expelled from the Program immediately.
  7. In the event that a participant discontinues participation in the program as a result of ongoing behavioural or conduct issues, or is expelled for any reason, no refund will be provided.

Parents / Guardians Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Parents / guardians are responsible for their child/ren being on time to sessions.

  • Parents / guardians are encouraged to contact the Program leader or the office with any questions during the course of the Program.

  • Parents / guardians are not to, at any time, discuss any concerns they make have directly with any child other than their own child/ren.

  • Parents / guardians must ensure that their child/ren is collected from SCHC at the conclusion of the Program.

Breaches of this Code of Conduct:

Should a participant, leader or staff member be in violation of this Code of Conduct, or they believe another person is in breach of this Code of Conduct, the individual is encouraged to notify the leader of the Program in writing with the specific concerns detailed. Steps will be taken to rectify concerns and issues raised. In the case of sustained breaches of either Code and/or failure to satisfactorily resolve a conflict South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation reserves the right to terminate employment or membership (as applicable) and refuse entry to the Centre as a last resort.




Sat, 26 November 2022 2 Kislev 5783