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 South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation Bar Mitzvah Program


Approach to the Bar Mitzvah Program:

Rabbi Mendy and Lifshy Ajzenszmidt bring a unique and all-encompassing approach to the program.
The Program has been designed to be inclusive, educational, interactive, relevant and a lot of fun!

The Program has been designed to be inclusive, educational, interactive, relevant and a lot of fun! It’s philosophy is based on three pillars. Olam, Zman and Nefesh. The world, time and soul. These three pillars include looking at the young person’s relationship with themselves and their family, the world, and their Judaism.

This program will run in addition to the learning of the Parsha through the year. This will be done independently of the program. Chazzan Greg Hurvitz (and depending on availability, Rabbi Ajzensmidt) can assist with Parsha preparations or you are welcome to use your own preferred teacher. Bookings to have the Barmitzvah in the Shule should be done through the Shule office.


  • The Program will consist of 5 special sessions covering various aspects of becoming an adult Jewish male. The program will also include attending Shule services. The broad themed overview of the session are:

  1. Responsibility
  2. My Judaism - Jewish Learning
  3. Charity/Volunteering
  4. Prayer
  5. Family
  6. The Shule
  7. Shule Attendance


Sessions are age-appropriate. Participants are not treated like little kids or like University students. Learning is not conducted in a classroom environment but rather via creative, fun activities and ways of exploring interesting and relevant topics.


  • Sessions take place through the school year following the Government school calendar but will also not have scheduled classes on Jewish Holidays



  • Age / Year Level… The Program is open to boys aged 12 and turning 13 in 2024

  • Outlook … Looking to expand their minds, thoughtful, curious, fun.

  • Religious Beliefs… No requirements. Anyone who is open to thinking and learning is more than welcome

Sessions and Logistics:

  • Commencing in mid-April 2024

  • Sessions will be 5pm-7pm on the following Sundays: 7 April, 19 May, 2 June, 21 July and 11 August.

  • Dinner provided

  • The program is designed for the Bar Mitzvah boys to attend with their fathers. Please advise us if this is an issue.

  • Some activities may require participants to leave South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation premises. Parents are always advised when this is.

  • A signed and completed enrollment form (including permission slip) and code of conduct are required prior to the commencement of the first session.


Your child's safety is our priority! We ensure the following:

  • staff all have working with children checks

  • we follow a child protection policy

  • parents can drop in at anytime

  • our door is always open to discuss any issue




Program Fees:

Member Prices: $175.00

Non-Member Prices: $200.00

It is our policy that no one should miss any of our programs due to financial their situation. If you require special consideration please contact the Rabbi Ajzenszmidt for a confidential discussion on 0405 766 241 or

Next Steps:

Questions…Please contact the SCHC office – 9578-5922 or

Enrollment… Please complete the Online enrolment form

Sat, 25 May 2024 17 Iyyar 5784